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One University

The One Ohio State Framework is the physical realization of One University.  It establishes one comprehensive and flexible vision for the campus that will allow Ohio State to advance knowledge and serve neighboring communities for years to come.  Success depends on the integrated approach to planning, coordinating strategic/academic, physical, and financial issues into a process that can respond to changing circumstances.  Integrated with the university’s academic and financial planning, the Framework will provide a structure for guiding changes in the physical environment during the next 10, 20, even 50 years.


Ohio State’s size and the combination of programs all in one place are unmatched. There are numerous examples of faculty, staff, and students who are engaged in innovative interdisciplinary work. As the university plans, leaders are focusing on programs - not buildings - and considering how to maximize intellectual adjacencies and promote more trans-institutional collaboration. The university envisions vibrant, sustainable, living-learning communities, and opportunities for partnerships in teaching, research, and service.


Dozens of representatives from across the university collaborated to develop the Framework, and the university is continuing to forge this culture of integrated planning. The Framework changes how projects are conceived, discouraging those representing silos, and encouraging projects that meet multiple university goals. New software tools also help inform more efficient, transparent decision-making for the university’s physical environment.