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UPDATED 3-25-09 3:20 p.m. | Westbound Woodruff Ave. near Fisher College of Business closing on March 9 for utilities construction. | Tuttle Park Place Detour Feb. 16 through Apr. | Student Academic Services Feb. project update. | END



Call 292-HELP for Emergency Service Requests.
What is an emergency service request?


We do our best to ensure your needs are met in the most efficient and satisfactory manner. Please consider the following when requesting service.


  • Please route routine service requests through your Building Coordinator.
    List of Building Coordinators
  • Please submit service requests online when possible.
  • Provide the room number, in addition to the building name of the area in need of service.
  • Tell us your name, phone number and department.
  • Estimate the urgency of the problem.
  • Tell us how long you think the problem has been going on.
  • Provide any details that will help us determine an appropriate response. For example, if you have an elevator problem, give the floor number on which the problem occurred or if you have a water leak, give as precise a location of the leak as possible.





Building Coordinators
 List of BCs

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FOD did a fabulous job of responding to my cries to help all day Friday and well into the night. FOD staff were here after hours for our water leak and came running again to help with a chiller problem. They worked through the night to fix the air handler that had leaked into our lobby and interrupted the Warhol opening party for our donors. The work was completed before we opened to the public on Saturday. Friday was one of those "above and beyond" moments. We literally would have been lost without your knowledge, know-how, and commitment.

The Wex (& Andy Warhol) are indebted to you!