Facilities and Operations Development utility services provides steam and condensate, heating hot water, electricity, natural gas, domestic cold and hot water, chilled water, compressed air and fire hydrants – necessary to maintain university operations.

What We Provide

Utilities focuses on maintaining reliable utilities, ensuring appropriate project designs and installations, minimizing construction impacts and maximizing efforts to facilitate university business throughout construction, renewal, and expansion activities.


Utilities Engineering

  • Technical support to maintain 99.9% utility service reliability.
  • Utility system planning for the Infrastructure Master Plan.
  • System modeling for capacity evaluation and growth studies.
  • Campus distribution and energy conversion system optimization.
  • Critical review of utilities aspects of new construction.
  • Campus power plant and central chiller plant controls.
  • Specialized technical consulting on utility system equipment, steam piping, electrical systems safety, energy conservation, process communication, and controls.

Utility Operations

McCracken Power Plant

  • Operation of 5 central plant boilers and 9 central plant chillers.
  • Central steam and/or hot water to 80% of the Columbus campus.  This includes most of the main campus and all of the midwest campus, including the Schottenstein Center.
  • Central chilled water for air conditioning in 36 buildings in the central campus area, including RPAC and the Fisher College of Business.
  • Compressed air to buildings on the main campus for laboratories and pneumatic controls.
  • Significant investments in boilers and chillers (2004-2014) have improved energy efficiency, dramatically reduced smokestack emissions, and renovated the plant.

South Campus Central Chiller Plant

  • Operation of 8 district plant chiller.
  • Chilled water to 5 Wexner Medical Center hospital buildings.
  • Chilled water to additional buildings in planning and design.

Easy Regional Chilled Water Plant

  • Operation of 2 district plant chillers starting 2014.
  • Expansion underway for 3 additional chillers for 2015 start-up.
  • Chilled water to 15 buildings in the Academic Core North and North Residential District in planning and design.

Utilities Support Services

  • Maintains an extensive system of underground utility tunnels, trench boxes, and direct buried piping.
  • Operates and maintains the campus domestic water distribution system and fire hydrants.
  • Operates and maintains 11 master meter gas distribution systems for campus.
  • Construction and maintenance outage coordination and planning support to plant operations.

Electrical Services

  • Ohio State, West Campus, and Smith Substation operation and circuit switching.
  • Electrical energy services to campus buildings.
  • Electrical fault studies and system planning.
  • Medium and high voltage system maintenance and repair, including building transformers.
  • Utility Plant electrical system repair and maintenance.
  • Provides 99.9% electrical reliability utilizing redundant circuits to most campus buildings.