POM Funds

Plant Operations and Maintenance Funds

FOD uses Plant Operations and Maintenance (POM) funds to offset basic utilities, repairs and ongoing maintenance costs in campus buildings. Individual unit funds are used for departmental equipment and service enhancements.

What are POM Funds?

FOD is responsible for building components that are common to most buildings. Imagine an empty classroom or office with no furniture, office machines, laboratory equipment or other added features – the cost of maintaining this space is covered by POM funds. Any additions to this space normally would be covered by departmental funds and would be considered billable work.

POM funds are used to maintain and repair campus buildings, not including residence halls and most athletic and medical facilities.

POM Fund Examples

  • Repairs resulting from normal wear and tear, including repair of plumbing, central HVAC, and electrical systems
  • Maintenance of the building envelope, comprised of the roof, windows, foundation, walls, and floors
  • Maintaining clean and safe campus buildings