Facilities Operations and Development
  • Association of University Architects
    Senior Vice President Jay Kasey and University Architect Bernie Costantino address the Big 10 and Friends
    meeting of the Association of University Architects before touring campus, October 6.
  • Leaves
    FOD's Landscape Services group ...
    keeping campus tidy as the leaves continue to fall.
  • chiller
    FOD's Utilities group ...
    taking delivery of a new chiller.
  • custodial
    FOD's Custodial group ...
    waxing the floors.
  • Bernie
    Twenty-five student volunteers teamed with FOD's Environmental Health & Safety to replant the
    Jennings Hall rain garden, helping to filter and reduce the runoff of storm water into sewers and streams.
  • 2_maintenance_streetlights
    FOD's Maintenance group ...
    Campus lighting.
  • 2_nrdt
    FOD's Design and Construction group ...
    oversees the North Residential District Transformation.
  • 2_stadium
    FOD's Energy Services and Sustainability group ...
    Ohio State was named National Diversion Rate Champion with 98.5% of the waste kept from the landfill.
  • er
    FOD's Environmental Health & Safety group ...
    provides emergency response services for many special events, including all home football games.