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In the News: Columbus skyline changing with four tallest new buildings in more than 20 years

As highlighted by The Columbus Dispatch, the Wexner Medical Center Inpatient Hospital is one of four buildings being built in Columbus that are at least 24 stories high. The four are the first new buildings in Columbus that are at least 24 stories high since 2001.

The story mentions the inpatient tower's impressive build at 26 stories and 410 feet high. It includes enough steel to construct two Eiffel Towers and twice as much concrete as Ohio Stadium. 

Learn more about the inpatient tower. 

In the News: Ohio State sees Development Opportunities

One mammoth project Ohio State is in the midst of is along the hospital corridor.

The school will build an 840-bed replacement to the original University Hospital along with a west campus urgent care and outpatient clinic. The project also straightens and relocates Cannon Drive to the west, protecting the hospital campus from floods and creating 12 acres for development.

Read the Business First article.

Myers discusses Framework 2.0, future of Ohio State development

Three key focus areas offer exciting changes coming soon to The Ohio State University. Keith Myers, Ohio State’s vice president of Planning and Real Estate, offered a glimpse into the university’s future development during Wednesday’s Columbus Business First 2019 Commercial Developers Power Breakfast.

In the News: Ohio State to Build One Garage for New Hospital Tower

The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center plans to build a new parking garage on the land opened up by relocating Cannon Drive as the first in several steps before building an 840-bed hospital tower.

After the new garage opens, the North and South Cannon garages will come down to make a footprint for the tower to connect to the James Cancer Hospital. The end result is more parking: 1,870 spaces in the new garage to a combined 1,100 in the old ones, Jay Kasey, OSU senior vice president for administration and planning, told medical center trustees on Wednesday.

New Hospital Envisioned as Centerpiece of a National Flagship Academic Medical Center

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Ohio State University is taking a major step forward with the development of a new hospital and ambulatory center that, combined with modern educational space, will enhance a unified Wexner Medical Center complex providing cutting-edge research, outstanding clinical training and world-class patient care.

In the News: Ohio State 2.0: Embarking on a decade of massive change

On June 23, Columbus Business First published an article that featured the many facets of the university's Framework 2.0 plan. Construction is already underway along High Street with the project at the intersection of 15th and High. The realignment project of Cannon Drive has also begun. These are two of the redevelopment projects planned under the university's second framework. The article touches on 15th and High and Cannon Drive, along with the plans for the Wexner Medical Center, athletics facilities, Midwest Campus and West Campus.