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Design Guidelines, Specifications, Standards
Building Antenna Installation / Equipment Updates

All private contractors and vendors planning to install new (non-cellular) antennas or update existing antenna equipment on any campus building must receive advance approval via the university Building Antenna Committee. Submit a completed building antenna request approximately four months in advance of the anticipated installation date. This form also includes requests for tornado sirens, flagpoles, cameras, etc. Vendors must attach a Technical Data Sheet and detailed engineering plans and specifications for the request to be processed. Plans and specifications must be compliant with all applicable federal, state, and local laws, and the vendor will be responsible for obtaining all required permits and approvals. For questions, please contact Mike Destadio,

Antenna Request Form

Technical Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet Instructions


Professional Services (AE, Commissioning, Limited Scope)
Design Builder (DB)
Construction Manager at Risk (CMR)
Construction Site Safety Requirements
EDGE Program

Encouraging Diversity, Growth & Equity (EDGE), administered through the State of Ohio’s Department Administrative Service, provides business opportunities for economically and socially disadvantaged business enterprises. It established goals for The Ohio State University in awarding contracts to certified EDGE-eligible businesses when procuring supplies, services, professional services, information technology, construction, and professional design.

See the Contractor Opportunities and Bid Results section at the bottom of this page for bid announcements and awards.

Registry - Search for EDGE-certified vendors in your region by discipline.

Forms - Required at the time of contract.

Prevailing Wage
Post Construction/Close Out

Building Design Standards

Building Design Standards provide guidance when preparing construction documents for new buildings.

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Archived Projects

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Contractor Opportunities and Bid Results

The Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (OFCC) offers opportunities on a qualifications-based selection for state agencies, institutions for higher education and school districts for the selection of public construction projects.

The Ohio State University utilizes Bid Express for electronic bidding @