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  • Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) Testing

    Facilities Operations and Development (FOD) is committed to providing reliable maintenance and support to our building occupants. One way we do this is through proactive, Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) testing which is required by state law. ATS devices help critical equipment switch from main power to generator power during outages.

  • The Ohio State University Excels in Race to Zero Waste

    The Ohio State University Columbus campus joined 2.7 million students, faculty and staff across the country in the 2024 Campus Race to Zero Waste competition. Over 30.7 million pounds of waste in total was donated, composed and recycled while 105 million single-use plastics were kept out of the landfill.

  • Heating-to-Cooling Transition

    Facilities Operations and Development (FOD) maintenance personnel will conduct the annual heating-to-cooling season transition in several academic campus buildings beginning this week, necessitating increased activity of FOD maintenance personnel in and around the mechanical spaces of the buildings.

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