Utility Marking

Request Utility Marking

 All utilities - both university and public - must be properly located and marked before any digging.

Contact the Ohio Utility Protection Service (800-362-2764) for utility marking, both university-owned and public utilities.  OUPS will forward your request to Ohio State personnel for handling, and they will be in touch with you direct.

Check the status of your request or call 800-445-3894 with your ticket number.


The Ohio State University uses the Color Code Chart created by the Utility Location and Coordination Council of the American Public Works Association.

  • RED - Electric Power Lines, Cables, Conduit, Lighting Cables
  • YELLOW - Gas, Oil, Steam, Petroleum, Gaseous Materials
  • ORANGE - Communication, Alarm or Signal Lines, Cables, Conduit, Tunnels
  • BLUE - Potable Water
  • PURPLE - Reclaimed Water, Irrigation & Slurry Lines
  • GREEN - Sewers, Drain Lines
  • PINK - Temporary Survey Markings
  • WHITE - Proposed Excavation