Zero Waste Event Talking Points

Sample Welcome Statement 

"Welcome to an official Ohio State Zero Waste Event! Ohio State’s Facilities Operations and Development is providing this service. We are extremely excited about this amazing opportunity to help minimize our waste and consumption. 

With this event, we are doing our part to demonstrate our commitment to creating a campus that is timeless, maintainable, and flexible; engaging in practices that demonstrate synergy between economic development, ecological diversity, and social prosperity. 

This Zero Waste Event has been thoughtfully planned to divert at least 90% of the waste from a landfill. A Zero Waste Event means that we will compost and recycle the majority of the waste. We considered what sort of trash would be produced and chose to only utilize reusable, durable, compostable, or recyclable products with minimal packaging. We specifically did this by ____________________. This reduces natural resource use, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and pollutants, saves financial resources, eliminates landfill waste, and converts waste into a resource. 

We really appreciate your time and interest. When disposing of something, please pay attention to the signs above the bins and around the room to determine if your item belongs in the compost, recycle, or trash bin. We hope that you will take this message home with you and start thinking more about your personal impact on the environment if you are not already doing so!"


Generic Bullet Points 

  • Welcome to an Ohio State Zero Waste Event!
    • Service provided by Facilities Operations and Development and Energy Services and Sustainability 
  • Helps university sustainability goals - minimize waste & consumption 
  • How to make it zero waste
    • Utilize reusable, durable, compostable, and recyclable only products 
    • Divert at least 90% waste from landfill – through composting and recycling 
  • The benefits of Zero Waste Events
    • Reduces natural resource use 
    • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions and pollutants 
    • Saves financial resources 
    • Eliminates landfill waste 
    • Converts waste into a resource 
  • When disposing of something, please pay attention to signs above bins and around room to determine if item belongs in the compost, recycle, or trash 
  • We hope you’ll take message with you, start thinking about personal impact on the environment 
  • Thank you! 


Sampe Reminder Announcement to Attendees

"I hope you are enjoying the event so far! I just wanted to remind you that this is a Zero Waste Event. This means, if successful, we will divert at least 90% of the waste from a landfill through composting and recycling. When disposing of something, please help accomplish that goal by paying attention to signs to determine if the item belongs in the compost, recycle, or trash. Thanks!"