Ducks on the move as Mirror Lake renovated

So what about the ducks? Be it the famed Afroduck or just a minor mallard, the ducks at Mirror Lake are part of the charm.

But with a major renovation underway to make the Mirror Lake district safer and more sustainable, questions about the fate of the ducks are coming up.

“Are the ducks going to still be there? That’s the most important thing,” said David Chen, a senior majoring in electrical engineering. “I like seeing the ducks when I walk by.”

Aluminum fences now surround the pond and the water has been drained. It’s expected to take 18 months for the Mirror Lake project to be completed.

In the meantime, the ducks that have called Mirror Lake home will have to find a new place to live.

But experts say that’s not a challenge. When the food dries up, they move on.

If there are stragglers, the Ohio State University has a plan for them as well.

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