Green Buckeye

Green Buckeye Certification

What is Green Buckeye Certification?

Students, faculty, and staff have a significant influence on sustainable practices at The Ohio State University through every day activities in their respective environment. The intent of the Green Buckeye Certification (GBC) program is to inform and encourage implementation of best practices to improve the sustainability performance of campus offices and laboratories.

Because of the resource intensity of the vast number of offices and more than 3,000 laboratories throughout the university, this program includes resource (energy, water, etc.) conservation education, recycling and waste reduction, energy efficiency, green purchasing and health and wellness. By becoming Green Buckeye Certified, you will demonstrate leadership and commitment to Ohio State's sustainability goals.

How Can I Apply?

Download an application and submit it to

 office Application   Laboratory Application

What to Expect

Applications take no longer than a week for processing. A score of at least 75% in 3 out of 5 of the major categories is needed to achieve certification that will need to be renewed every 2 years. Once qualified, the applicant will receive a certification packet including a certificate, informational poster, educational stickers for equipment, and a window cling of the Green Buckeye Certification image. Additionally, each certified lab and office will be posted to the website.

Want Help?

For more information about the program, contact