IPPLG Granting Wishes

The Department of Microbiology recently received a makeover thanks to a grant program led by the Integrated Physical Planning Liaison Grant (IPPLG). As part of the plan, IPPLG is providing matching funds up to $50,000 to enhance common learning spaces for more effective use. The university’s Framework 2.0 plan identified the need for more informal student learning spaces – both inside and out.

To learn more about the IPPLG program, visit its website.

Ohio State's Strategic Plan

The IPPLG program falls within The Ohio State University's Strategic Plan(link is external).

I. Teaching and Learning: Ohio State will be an exemplar of the best teaching, demonstrating leadership by adopting innovative, at-scale approaches to teaching and learning to improve student outcomes.

III. Research and Creative Expression: Ohio State will enhance our position among the top national and international public universities in research and creative expression, both across the institution and in targeted fields -- driving significant advances for critical societal challenges