Tips for an Eco-Friendly Thanksgiving

Are you preparing for Thanksgiving dinner? Here are 4 tips from FOD's Energy Services and Sustainablity team to help you and your family have an eco-friendly Thanksgiving. 

1. Shop local for your Thanksgiving menu.

Buying from a local farm or farmers markets can protect and preserve our environment and give your family healthy, fresh food.  

2. Use reusable dishes, cloth napkins and silverware. 

Using resuable dishes, cloth napkins, and silverware reduces waste and can make your Thanksgiving table look more tasteful and elegant.  

3. Plan ahead to avoid making too much food.

Plan for the number of people that will be attending. Look in your cabinets for ingredients before shopping at your local farm or market. 

4. Utilize leftovers. 

Place leftovers in reusable containers and refrigerate within two hours of eating to enjoy your post-thanksgiving meals. For recipes and ideas for Thanksgiving leftovers, visit