Minimizing Waste Across Campus

One of Ohio State's most ambitious goals is to achieve zero waste by 2025 by diverting 90% of waste away from landfills. Campus diversion rate performance will be significantly impacted by educating students, faculty and staff and providing ample opportunities to recycle, prevent and minimize waste.

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Comprehensive List10 RECYCLING Tips

Top 4 Things You Should Know About
Recycling at Ohio State

Paper coffee cups

Most paper coffee cups contain a coating for insulation and waterproofing, which makes them difficult to be recycled. Please dispose of your cup in the trash. (Cardboard sleeves can be removed and placed into the recycling bins.)

Plastic bags

Plastic bags get caught in the recycling facility sorting equipment, causing expensive time delays and fixes. Recycle plastic bags at your local grocery store.

Napkins, paper towels, tissues

Napkins, paper towels, tissues, etc., cannot be recycled. Often, these items can be composted, but if compost bins are unavailable, please discard them into the trash.


Symbols and numbers

The recycling symbol and number printed on plastics indicates what type of plastic the item is made of but does not guarantee the item can be recycled. Ohio State does not recycle plastics #3–#7, unless the plastic is bottle-shaped.


How can I recycle at Ohio State?

Recycling at Ohio State is single stream (also referred to as co-mingled), meaning all recyclables are placed in the same bin instead of being separated. However, trash still needs to be placed in a different container. Many side-by-side trash and recycling containers have been placed around campus in common areas and classrooms.

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Wexner Medical Center Recycling 

Red recycling bins can accept cardboard, glass, aluminum, and bottle-shaped plastics. 

Help us protect patient privacy by placing all paper in shredding bins. Documents placed in the shredding bin cannot be removed and will be destroyed