New Sustainable Design and Construction Policy

The Ohio State University adopted a new Sustainable Design and Construction policy (formerly Green Build and Energy policy), effective February 1, 2021.

“This is an exciting development for the future of our campus,” said Aparna Dial, Senior Director, Sustainability and Strategic Services, Facilities Operations and Development. “By establishing an Ohio State-centric set of sustainability standards, we will build and operate better performing facilities and a more sustainable physical environment while driving advancement toward the university’s sustainability goals.”

Stakeholders from across the university were consulted in the development of this new policy which went out for public review in September 2020.

“The new Sustainable Design and Construction policy raises the bar to ensure accountability while creating a sustainable culture that goes far beyond the original policy that narrowly focused primarily on energy use,” said Kate Bartter, executive director of Ohio State’s Sustainability Institute.

The policy provides sustainability requirements in Division 18 of the Building Design Standards (BDS) that project teams must adhere to, based on project scope, type, and budget. It now requires all qualifying university projects to adhere to the newly established sustainability requirements regardless of budget.

The policy refers to building occupant expectations for community members to reference and follow to contribute positively to the university’s sustainability goals.