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Target Value Budgeting Training

As part of the FDC Stakeholders insight project, Loren Brockway and Michael Horejsi led a discussion on managing project development using target value budgeting for FDC personnel. The duo touched on several topics including thinking comprehensively about all elements that drive success through the entirety of a project. It’s all about aligning the budget to the scope and the basis of design earlier to avoid rework later and for the project managers and estimators to collaborate through the entire process. 

City of Ohio State Podcast Season 2 Ep. 2: Construction Updates with Kristin Poldemann

Four major projects are closing in on completion, with three set to open in the coming months at Carmenton, Ohio State’s innovation district. Hear from Facilities Design and Construction’s Kristin Poldemann about meeting these major milestones and for updates on Arts District and inpatient hospital.


In the News: Sustainable Design and Construction Initiatives to Help Ohio State Reduce Carbon Footprint

The Lantern recently highlighted Ohio State's efforts to help reduce carbon emissions by 30 percent since adopting sustainability goals in 2015. Facilities Operations and Development's Kristin Poldemann and Aparna Dial highlighted various construction projects that support these goals.

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City of Ohio State Podcast Episode 2: Deferred Maitenance with Brett Garrett

On episode seven of The City of Ohio State Podcast, FOD’s Brett Garrett goes into detail on deferred maintenance. Like homeowners are forced to sink their hard-earned cash into rooftops, air conditioners or other non-aesthetic improvements, Ohio State must invest in vertical infrastructure to keep buildings up and running. Hear the challenges facing aging college campuses, and why Ohio State may be ahead of the curve.


FDC Stakeholder Insights Progress Update

FDC continues its stakeholder insights effort to shape Ohio State’s construction management organization for the future. Work has begun on 18 of the 24 insights initiatives. Below is an update on recent progress:

Transparent Selection Criteria of Design Professionals and Construction Managers

Power Outages Impacting Ohio State Campuses

Beginning on Tuesday (6/14/22), power outages and flickering power was being reported across Columbus campus and all around central Ohio. As of 10 a.m. on Thursday, June 16, it appears power has been restored to Columbus campus buildings. Report any known issues to Service2Facilities.

UPDATE - June 16 at 10 a.m.

Aerial Spraying West of Ohio State Columbus Campus

The Ohio Department of Agriculture, in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, will conduct aerial spraying in mid-June (anticipated June 15 west of the Ohio State Columbus campus) to help suppress the spongy moth (formerly gypsy moth).  Destructive to more than 300 species of trees and shrubs, the spongy moth is considered one of the most destructive insect pests in Ohio, threatening forests and ornamental plants.

FDC Unveils New Mission, Vision and Values

Facilities Design and Construction (FDC) is committed to improving every day to best support our customers. This summer, we are excited to announce FDC’s new mission, vision and values which serve as an extension of our stakeholder insights project designed to make transformative change across the three major themes of Project Management Process Improvement, Enhanced Communication, and Culture and Relationship Development.

Summer Construction, New Traffic Impact Map

Beginning May 9, southbound College Road will be closed between Woodruff Avenue and the Page Hall loading dock. Westbound Annie and John Glenn Avenue will be closed between College Road and Tuttle Park Place.

Waterline Break Closes Herrick, Impacts Buildings

A major waterline break near the John Herrick Drive bridge has closed Herrick between Olentangy River Road and Cannon Drive. Multiple buildings on the Columbus campus are experiencing low or no water pressure. Crews are actively responding and working to resolve the issue as fast as they safely can. For the latest information, please visit emergency.osu.edu.