Zero Waste Tailgate - Internship

Position Description and Responsibilities 

By selecting a dedicated team of Zero Waste Tailgate Interns, the Tailgate Recycling Program will see numerous benefits and improvements in tailgate waste diversion efforts. Working in teams, interns will be assigned to a specific tailgate lot to educate and engage with the fans on proper recycling and waste disposal methods. Additionally, interns will work to keep their lot as clean as possible, which may include moving disposed materials. 

Time Commitment 

Approximately 6 or less hours on gamedays (Saturdays) depending on kickoff time. If you want to attend the game, that person must request and receive confirmation two weeks prior to the requested game. Please contact if there are specific questions about the work hours.

Compensation: $9.00/hour 

To Apply: Send resume and a short message expressing your interest to



For the past several seasons, Ohio Stadium was the largest stadium in the nation (if not the world) to achieve Zero Waste status, which is defined as diverting at least 90 percent of all disposal materials from the landfill through composting, recycling, and repurposing. However, as Ohio State continues to be a leader in sustainability by setting new records for collegiate stadium recycling, the waste diversion outside the stadium in the tailgate lots is in need of drastic improvement. With a select team of Zero Waste Tailgate Lot Managers, Ohio State will continue to improve the waste diversion in the tailgate lots.