Internship Opportunity

Zero Waste Tailgate Lot Manager

Position Description and Responsibilities 

By selecting a dedicated team of Zero Waste Tailgate Lot Mangers, the Tailgate Recycling Program will see numerous benefits and improvements in tailgate waste diversion efforts. Each manager will be assigned to a specific tailgate lot, which increases the manager’s responsibility and also consistency and rapport with repeat fans/visitors in that lot. Each manager will have the task of educating and engaging the fans on proper recycling as well as keeping their lot as clean as possible, which may include sweeping, lifting, and other forms of moving disposed materials. 

Managers will be responsible for training and managing any volunteers working in their respective tailgate lots. With a leader to provide guidance, the volunteers will be even more effective. 

Additional responsibilities may include, but are not limited to: 

  • Tailgate Lot clean-up efforts (personal protection equipment will be provided) 
  • Distributing survey(s) to fans 
  • Utilize two-way radio to stay in contact with the team 
  • Piloting new waste diversion efforts such as organics collection 
  • Recording trends, fan feedback, or interesting behaviors that affect waste diversion 
  • Investigating innovative ways to divert waste 
  • Distributing and collecting vests and other university equipment given to volunteers


  • Work on football Saturdays
  • Ability to carry trash and recycling bins 
  • Ability to stand/walk for long periods of time 
  • Ability to effectively communicate with fans 

Time Commitment 

Please note that the vast majority of work hours will be performed on Saturdays; however, there will be the occasional waste diversion related tasks that might take place on a different day of the week, including Fridays and Sundays. 

Due to the nature of this work, it will be common for this position to be working during the first 1-2 quarters of each football game. In the event someone wants to attend a full game, that person must request and receive confirmation from ESS Coordinator (Mary Leciejewski) two weeks prior to the requested game. 

Due to the variable start times of each game, work hours can begin as early as 8:00 a.m. and can go as late as 1:00 a.m. the next day. Please contact if there are specific questions about the work hours.



To Apply 

Send a resume and cover letter expressing your interest to with the email subject “Zero Waste Tailgate Lot Manager Internship”. Please include information on the number of hours you will be able to work during the week as well as specifically on Saturday gamedays.


Each year hundreds of thousands of fans come to Columbus to take part in one of the greatest displays of fandom in our nation - Ohio State football. The Buckeyes not only dominate on the gridiron, but also in waste diversion inside Ohio Stadium. For the past several seasons, Ohio Stadium was the largest stadium in the nation (if not the world) to achieve Zero Waste status, which is defined as diverting at least 90 percent of all disposal materials from the landfill through composting, recycling, and repurposing. However, as Ohio State continues to be a leader in sustainability by setting new records for collegiate stadium recycling, the waste diversion outside the stadium in the tailgate lots is in need of drastic improvement. With a select team of Zero Waste Tailgate Lot Managers, Ohio State will continue to improve the waste diversion in the tailgate lots.

The list below identifies the Saturday workdays that will be required for this position: 

Gamedays Kickoff 

  • Sept 9th TBA 
  • Sept 16th TBA 
  • Sept 23rd TBA 
  • Oct 7th TBA 
  • Oct 28th TBA 
  • Nov 11th TBA 
  • Nov 18th TBA