Columbia Gas Utility Work at Ackerman Complex

Beginning Tuesday (5/28) and continuing through mid June, Columbia Gas will install a new gas main for the Ackerman Road complex. Below is an overview of upcoming impacts:

  • Week of May 28 - Two parking spaces west of 610 Ackerman will close temporarily, and additional contractor vehicles will be present.
  • Week of June 3 - Approximately 20 “A” parking spaces south of 640 Ackerman will close temporarily. The ADA parking spaces will be relocated to a nearby location. Additional parking will be affected. Localized parking space closures will occur, and detour signage will be posted.
  • Beginning Tuesday, June 11 - Several spaces adjacent to the gas house will be blocked to demolish the gas house and will remain closed for approximately 7-10 days. ADA spaces that will be closed will be relocated just east of 660 Ackerman Road. Visitors may continue to park in any A, B, or C space with paid hourly parking.

This project will be followed by an Ackerman traffic signal project with an anticipated start in mid June. Additional information will be provided in advance so motorists may plan accordingly.