Minimizing Waste Across Campus 

One of Ohio State’s most ambitious goals is to achieve zero waste by 2025 by diverting 90% of waste away from landfills. Campus diversion rate performance will be significantly impacted by educating students, faculty and staff and providing ample opportunities to recycle, prevent and minimize waste. 

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Top 3 Things You Should Know About
Composting at Ohio State

Napkins, paper towels, tissues
Napkins, paper towels, tissues, etc., cannot be recycled. Often, these items can be composted, but if compost bins

Food scraps can contaminate recyclable materials. Rinse or scrape food remnants off recyclable items before placing them in recycling bins.

Location, location, location
If composting bins are unavailable, the compostable waste should go into the trash. 


Pulping System at the Ohio Union keeps waste out of landfills

Pulping System at the Ohio Union keeps waste out of landfills

Sustainability is in action at the Ohio Union. Dining Services helps to operate a pulping machine that breaks down food scraps and compostable containers that are thrown into the trash. Then the material is taken to an anaerobic digestion system in Columbus, where it is converted into clean renewable energy.