Crane Lifts at Fry and Starling-Loving Halls

On Wednesday (8/23), beginning at approximately 10 a.m. and continuing through mid-evening, two crane lifts will take place south of the Brain and Spine Hospital entrance, near Fry Hall and Starling-Loving Hall. 

  1. Fry Hall - Three short-term parking spaces and one ADA space will be unavailable.  Access to the EMT reserved spaces and the ADA spaces abutting Starling-Loving will be maintained.
  2. Starling-Loving - Following, the crane will move between Starling-Loving and Hamilton Hall, closing the roadway.  Two-way traffic will be maintained from West Tenth Avenue to the Brain and Spine Hospital and from West Tenth Avenue to the Hamilton Hall parking lot.  Pedestrians will be detoured to the west side of Starling-Loving or the east side of Hamilton Hall.