Podcast Featuring Ohio State

Deferred maintenance is a priority issue for Facilities Operations and Development’s vice president Mark Conselyea.

“Deferred maintenance is clearly an issue with all of our colleagues in universities across the nation,” Conselyea said.

In a recent podcast episode titled “The Risk Behind Your Walls,” Conselyea sat down with The Chronicle of Higher Education. The 10-minute segment addresses deferred maintenance, the challenges for large institutions, and the strategies FOD is working through right here at Ohio State.

“Most people experience what happens inside the walls, but what’s happening behind the walls most people don’t see, and that’s our responsibility,” said Conselyea. “When you think about where the college might want to spend their money, the next air handler isn’t on their radar, and it’s really up to us as the stewards of the facilities to help make sure those kind of things are weighed appropriately.”

Ohio State’s Columbus campus is home to more than 36 million square feet of buildings, six miles of tunnels, 25 bridges, and 47 miles of storm and sewer. To learn more about how Ohio State is thinking about deferred maintenance, listen to "The Risk Behind Your Walls" podcast.