America Recycles Day

America Recycles Day (November 15) is the only nationally recognized day dedicated to promoting and celebrating recycling in the United States. It is an opportunity to promote environmental citizenship and take action to increase and improve recycling in America.

Ohio State achieved a record-high landfill diversion rate of 40% this year. While we can be proud of this milestone, more participation in recycling is needed to achieve the university’s zero waste goal.

Join Ohio State in supporting America Recycles Day by recycling more and recycling better by:

  • Learning what can and cannot be recycled on campus. Ohio State accepts:
    • Plastic cups, jugs, tubs, and bottles (leave the lids on!)
    • Paper, cardboard, and paper coffee cups/fountain drink cups
    • Glass bottles and jars
    • Metal food and beverage cans
    • In the Wexner Medical Center, paper documents should be placed in shredding bins to protect patient privacy. Learn more about waste reduction efforts in the medical center.
  • Keep recyclables clean and dry! Keep liquids and food out of recycling bins.
  • Participate in recycling every day! All campus buildings have recycling. Look for red “RECYCLE” bins or other bins labeled for recycling.
  • Explore the answers to frequently asked recycling questions.
  • Think beyond the bin! Not all materials can be accepted in the commingled recycling program. Use SWACO’s search tool to learn where to locally recycle specialty items.

There are many important reasons to recycle! Recycling:

  • Conserves scarce natural resources such as oil, water, minerals, and trees. 
  • Helps reduce water and air pollution.
  • Conserves energy as it takes less energy to make new products from recycled materials compared to using virgin materials.
  • Reduces harmful greenhouse gas emissions by decreasing the amount of trash dumped in landfills and the amount of methane emitted to the atmosphere.
  • Is an easy and efficient way to participate in the university's sustainability initiatives.

If you have any questions about recycling on campus, contact