Polo/Dodd Lots Close 9/4, Cannon Drive Closes 9/5

Beginning Tuesday (9/5), Cannon Drive will close for construction between Medical Center Drive and 12th Avenue. Access to SR315 will be maintained. The Polo and Dodd surface parking lots will close Monday evening (9/4). The project will straighten and elevate Cannon Drive to provide future flood protection and open up 12 acres of developable land. A new centrally-located Herrick Drive Transit Hub opens Tuesday (9/5) allowing enhanced MC Express service frequencies. Most CABS routes will service the transit hub rather than individual Medical Center stops.

CABS Routes & Service Times: ttm.osu.edu/cabs

Cannon Drive Construction: fod.osu.edu/cannondrive

Future Flood Protection: http://go.osu.edu/cannonprotect