Plan ahead and anticipate delays

Summer Construction Roundup

Multiple construction projects will impact vehicles and pedestrians in and around the Wexner Medical Center. The June 11 closure of the SR-315 on ramp at 12th Avenue, as well as Cannon Drive, south of Herrick Drive, will limit vehicular traffic and detour shuttle routes. Commuters should plan ahead and expect delays.

In addition, fencing will be installed along Neil Avenue to shift pedestrian traffic and support vehicular access in the area:

  • June  6 - Fencing will be installed around Postle Hall to support the Postle building expansion project.
  • June 11 - Fencing will be installed around Jennings Hall. This fencing will shift pedestrian traffic to the east side of Neil Avenue and allow vehicles to more easily turn through the Herrick Drive and Neil Avenue intersection.
  • June 11 - North Cannon Garage entrances and exits on 12th Avenue will close to accommodate the next phase of the Cannon Drive relocation project. At that time, vehicles must enter and exit the garage via Cannon Drive, which will be accessible from 10th Avenue only.  More.
  • Pomerene Hall and Mirror Lake fencing will be continue to remain in place through August 2018.

Pedestrians will have access only to the sidewalk on the east side of Neil Avenue, between John Herrick Drive and 11th Avenue, as the west side will be closed.


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Visit the Cannon Drive Relocation project website for additional information about construction and upcoming impacts.